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Snacking, binging and secret eating

Snacking, binging and secret eating

Cleaning the car out is one of those jobs that doesn’t take very long but really isn’t much fun. I would love to say I was car proud and kept things spic and span but alas this is not the case. I spend a lot of time travelling and as a result my car isn’t as tidy as I would like. I knew it was time to give it a clean when my six-year-old son asked “why is your car a dump, Daddy?”.

It was whilst cleaning the car I realised the extent of my secret binge eating. In the sliding storage unit between the driver and passenger seats I found seven empty sweet packets. The roll of shame consisted of Wine Gums x2, Sports Mix x2, Haribo, Sour Patch Kids and Fruit Pastilles. This was not the litter of someone making good choices.

All of these packets of sweets had been consumed in the car, usually in one or two journeys. It dawned on me that I was eating up to 500 calories at a time that I wasn’t really accounting for in my food planning. This set me thinking about what else I may almost subconsciously eat and not factor in and to try and take note through the week.

Later that day I was making a cheese sandwiches for the boy and me. Before I knew it I was munching on two extra slices of cheese from the block before putting it back in the fridge. No harm surely? Then after finishing mine I obliviously picked up my sons discarded sandwich and polished that off as well.

Fast forward a couple of days and I was making a curry. The recipe was relatively healthy with fresh ingredients and came in at around 500 calories. The curry was lovely, and I was sat feeling virtuous at a healthy, homemade meal. There was even enough left behind for two portions to go in the freezer for another time. It was during the tidy up that I noted the recipe, and therefore the calorie calculation, was for four people. Given that I had probably troughed just over a third of the overall dish I had most likely consumed closer to 750 calories.

These two experiences made me realise the extent of my calorie intake. It wasn’t a fast food binge but even these small ‘cheats’ will have an impact whilst trying to eat better, get fitter and lose weight.

As of today, I am starting a food diary where every morsel that passes my lips will be logged. This will help me identify the bad habits and account for what I am eating. Whilst I pride myself on having a good idea of calorific value, it is of no use if I am inadvertently cheating myself.

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